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Who is Siding Unlimited?  
Siding Unlimited is a family owned and operated business.  Jim Brown has been in the remodeling business for over 35 years.  He raised two sons, Aaron and Eric, in the business.  Jim taught his boys responsibility, hard work, and respecting people and their property.  Today, all three are very active in the business and pass their trade tips, work ethic, and expectations on to all the carpenters and installers to help Siding Unlimited succeed.

Siding Unlimited was established in May of 1994.  Although this was Jim's fulltime job for many years, Aaron and Eric used it as a part-time job to assist paying for school.  As Aaron and Eric developed a passion for the remodeling business, the three decided to partner and make a run at developing a business rather than just doing a job.

Since establishing Siding Unlimited, the Company has grown to include 4 sales representatives, 3 carpenters, 7 siding installers, a roofing crew, and a job expiditer.  Our guys are easy to deal with, knowledgable, and very professional.  They are who drive the Company to what we are today - Southeastern Wisconsin's finest remodeling company.  We hire great people - period.

When making a decision on home improvements, please do one thing before settling in on your desicion.  Compare companies every which way you can.  We know where we'll come out - high regards and great praise from our customers.  Siding Unlimited is established, well-respected in the industry, and as professional as you can be.  Our Company is well beyond the learning curve, proving that we are here for the long term.  Also, Siding Unlimited is very local.  We are not a franchise like a lot of our competition.   Our founders/owners live in the Oconomowoc, Waukesha area.  We are also not a one man band - Siding Unlimited has a professional in all areas of remodeling.  You need windows, our carpenters install them.  You need siding, our siding installers install the siding.  You need a plumbing, electrical, or stone veneer; our network of professionals are used to assure that a professional is doing the job - not a jack of all trades master of none.

I understand that there is a lot of competion in this business.  We are not the cheap guys nor the most expensive.  We are the premium products across the board with very professional installation guys.  We are the professionals you are looking for at a competitive price.  More importantly, we deliver what we sell.  That is who we are - We're Siding Unlimited.

Thank you,

Jim, Aaron, and Eric
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